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    You can contact us by snail mail or e-mail.  Whichever you choose, please do keep in touch.

Snail Mail

    We remain residents of Hawaii, and we maintain a mailbox there.  Our mail accumulates there until we have a forwarding address to which we can have it sent.  Because we cannot anticipate when we will be able to forward mail, this might be a somewhat slow option.  However, if you are not in a hurry, it will likely work just fine.

                Bud Bliemeister &/or Nita Ferreira

                350 Ward Ave., #106-287

                Honolulu, HI  96814-4004  USA


    We have three e-mail options, but most of our e-mail should be sent to budandnitaatsvpassagedotcom (you can figure out the formatting).  We can receive and send e-mail through this site only when we have internet access, and that will be infrequent for the forseeable future - at least while we are in the South Pacific.  So please don't worry about us if you have not heard from us lately.  We will respond as soon as we get the opportunity.

    We were also able to send and receive e-mail on board via our amateur (ham)/marine single side band radio; however, we have discontinued this account since returning to Hawaii.  It was expensive and had some major limitations.  The two most restrictive limitations were the incredibly slow speed and the time limitations.  Those limitations combined restricted us to only a few brief messages every few days.  It is nice to have fast reliable e-mail access again.

   However you choose to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!