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    Our destinations in 2005 were along a wandering route between Hawaii and New Zealand.  We spent some time relaxing and diving in the outer Hawaiian islands before heading south.  As we headed south towards the equator, we went to Fanning Island in the Kiribatis at only 352' north of the equator.  This was our last stop before crossing equator.  From Fanning, we crossed the equator and began another wandering route of  South Pacific destinations.

    In 2006, we began our cruising season from New Zealand and our first stop was Fiji.  We moved on to Vanuatu with plans to also visit New Caledonia before heading to Australia for the southern hemisphere's cyclone season.  But we liked Vanuatu so much that we spent the remainder of the season there and bypassed New Cal.  We ended the season in Australia.

    In 2007, we spent two months sailing up the east coast and across the north coast of Australia.  We sailed from Darwin, Australia to Kupang, Timor, Indonesia with the Darwin to Kupang 2007 Rally.  We spent three months in Indonesia, then we went to Singapore for a few weeks.  After Singapore, we spent a month in sailing in and through Malaysia, then we went to Thailand.

    In 2008, we traveled between Malaysia and Thailand and spent months in a boat yard in Phuket, Thailand.

    In 2009, we moved back and forth between Langkawi, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand.  Late in the year, we went out to India's Andaman Islands then returned to Thailand.

    In 2010, we returned to Thailand.  We, again, spent the  year between Malaysia and Thailand.  We also, again, hauled Passage out of the water for more work.  We moved our plans to head west to late 2010 or early 2011.  We were in Thailand at the end of 2010.

    In 2011, we finally left Thailand.  We planned to visit numerous countries in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea as we made our way to Turkey.  As planned, we stopped at Sri Lanka and the Maldives,  Then our plans changed drastically, and we shipped Passage from Maldives to Turkey.  Since arriving in Turkey, we have spent time seeing parts of Turkey by land, then we resumed our cruising as we spent the remainder of the season Turkey by sea.

    In 2012, we started heading west through Mediterranean Europe.  We went to Greece, Albania, Italy, Malta, and Spain.  We left the Mediterranean and went as far as Spain's Canary Islands.

    In 2013, we crossed the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean.  We traveled south in the Windward Antilles through St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, and Grenada where we ended the season.

    In 2014, we sailed from Grenada to the ABC Islands including Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  Then we sailed to Panama and transited the Panama Canal.  Back in the Pacific, we stopped at the Galapagos Islands then headed to French Polynesia including the Marquesas, Tuamotus, and Society Islands.  We finished the season on Raiatea in the Society Islands.

    In 2015, we returned to the Society Islands in French Polynesia, then we headed home to Hawaii.